Review of 3 Great Burger Joints

Jacksonville Florida Restaurant Featured

I love to do reviews on hamburger restaurants because hamburgers are one of my favorite foods.  If you just want a plain hamburger, you can go to any fast food restaurant.  But If you want a gourmet burger, you need to look online to find a place that gets great reviews.  Nothing is worse than ordering a hamburger with big expectations and it was awful.

Well, today I am reviewing three hamburger restaurants in Jacksonville, Florida.  I hope you will put these restaurants on your must visit list next time you are in Jacksonville, Florida.

Jacksonville Florida RestaurantTrue Food Kitchen is located in the Southside of Jacksonville at 5205 Big Island Drive.  This unique restaurant is all about healthy fresh amazing tasting food.

With a great team of restaurateurs, a doctor that is renowned for his integrative medicine and accomplished chefs.  Dr. Andrew Weil is the founder of True Food Kitchen.  He believes that food should make you feel better, so he has studied ways to avoid bad eating habits that cause inflammation.

He uses foods like pomegranate which is loaded with potassium, vitamin K, fiber and vitamin C.  Butternut squash is full of vitamin A and is a great seasonal ingredient in their salads and pizza.  The once shunned brussels sprout has had a resurgence as it is a great energy booster, helps in muscle growth and helps the body reach a health weight.

When go you, look for Brand Chef Robert McCormik who is the creator of the menu by adding bold ingredients.  Director of Culinary Operation, Mike Sullivan will work with those who have special dietary needs such as vegetarian or vegan and can make it all gluten-free.  Jon Augustin, Director of Beverage, loves to create craft beverages and house-made teas to pair with your food.  I can see why they have so many positive posts on the world wide web.

Poe’s Tavern is down in the Beach’s section of Jacksonville, Florida at 363 Atlantic Blvd.  This is the second location that expanded when other restaurants in the Atlantic Beach area were failing.  Their first tavern was opened in in 2003 on Sullivan Island, South Carolina after a short time resident Edgar Allen Poe.  He named of their signature hamburgers “The Gold Bug” after a short story written by Poe.Jacksonville FL Restaurant Image

Edgar Allen Poe was born in Boston, Massachusetts on January 19, 1809.  He is famous for his tales of the macabre and one of the first masters of short stories.  When visiting Poe’s Tavern, you will find their hamburgers are named after many of his most famous stories and poems.

Just going into the restaurant, you are swept into the past and will learn something you did not know about Edgar Allen Poe.  You will go home and re-read some of his stories like The Tell-tale Heart or The Pit and the Pendulum or poems like Annabel Lee and The Raven.  With almost 500 reviews on the internet you will see why they have over a four-point-six-star rating.

Jacksonville Florida Restaurant AlchemyEpik Burger is located in the Greater Arlington area on 12740 Atlantic Boulevard.  It was opened in 2013 by Korey and Lovice Konopasek.

Kory, a native of Jacksonville, Florida was schooled at the New England Culinary Institute where he earned a degree in Culinary Arts and Food and Beverage Management.  Once graduated, he chose to hone his skills in Las Vegas, Nevada where he met Lovice.

Lovice was born in the Philippines then moved to Las Vegas where she met Kory.  After they were married, they decided to move to Jacksonville, Florida and open Epic Burger and pursue their love for affordable creative food.

One of their specialties is The Alchemy Burger which costs seventy dollars!  Since they cannot transform metals into gold, they decided to create one of the most unique amazing burgers using a specific method.

They first start with Snake River Farms Wagyu Beef-Black Label using only the best marbled beef.  Black-Label beef is graded on a Japanese scale of five to seven versus American Prime which is between three and four.  They grind the beef patty in-house using the Rib-Eye section of the beef.  They then sous vide cook the patty to exactly 126 degrees which allows the fat to become buttery.  They then add salt and pepper and hand torch the burger for color and get it to the temperature of 134 degrees.    Their toppings include truffle butter, Homemade American chest, bacon and Dijon aioli.

No wonder they have over five hundred rave reviews on the web.  This is one burger you will have to dig deep to pay for but I am sure it is worth it.